Hello I'm Anna

And I'm a graphic designer.

And I'm also an architect.

And I love

modern dancing.

And coffee.

And mushrooms.

And designing stuff.

And travelling.

And I love knowing

how things work.

And I designed…

Take a look at a selection of my projects. See more on Behance.

And I can help you with…

These project types I like designing most!



Great logo can help your brand stand out. But it's not only about a logo anymore. Branding is a system and it should work like one. In all sizes, in all media. Printed stationary, website, brochure or maybe iconography for your services? Let's talk which solution is best for you.


Layout & Editorial

Well designed text is essential. Words deliver a message, so let's make sure, that your book, magazine or brochure design supports its meaning. You'll be surprised how much your design can achieve with 'just' typography. Combine it with imagery and let's show your content at its best.



This is where graphics meet with a form. The package should tell the concept of what's inside as well as graphics do. It can do it even better, since it can be physically interacted with. So, should you choose a custom packaging system for your product?


Motion graphics

Sometimes still graphics are not enough. Would you like to have your logo, icon or illustration animated? Maybe create animated infographics? Let's upgrade your graphics with motion.


Wayfinding & Signage

Public spaces are tricky for people to find their way. Proper system of signs will navigate them and will make the architectural or urban space be used effectively.



Every client is unique and so are design solutions for him. I love challanges and solving design problems, so don't hesitate to give me one to solve.

And I've been published in...

I was lucky enough to be published in a few books and magazines.

Animal Graphics

'Animal Graphics' book

Sandu Publishing, china

The book features two of my projects and uses a pattern of my design. I also wrote an introduction. see more...

Infinite Icon

'Infinite Icon' book

Gingko Press, china

The book includes my Warsaw Zoo rebranding project. It appears on the cover of the publication as well. see more...

Kopalnia magazine

'Kopalnia' book/magazine

Kopalnia publisher, poland

I illustrated an essay in football periodic book /magazine 'Kopalnia, The Art Of Football'. see more...

My work has also been featured on several websites.

And I travelled to...

I am a travelling-lover type! Maybe we've already met some place?

Where I am now

Where I've been to

Where I still want to go

Where I've worked

Erasmus exchange

Home sweet home

And I run a blog about...

Travelling! See the world through my photos, read memories and tips on my travel blog.

And I'd love to hear from you!

Now you know a bit about me. Your turn! Get in touch!

anna@ nowokunska.com