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Association of Polish Architects in Warsaw




Branding, Event Identity

A flexible modular system of visual identity — suitable for architectural meetup series. The participants of the meetups are architects under 40 — thus the name U40. The project included the creation of a logo for a new cyclical event for young members of the Association of Polish Architects, as well as a visual identification of its first edition.


Logo design consists of basic shapes resembling the combination of letters and digits in this name. Visual identification was designed as a flexible modular system that can be adapted to many subsequent editions. It consists of the simple geometric figures, that are also contained in the logo — quadrants of a circle and triangles — arranged on a square modular grid in various configurations and in various sizes. Depending on the main theme of a given edition of the meeting, the figures on the grid can serve as illustrations and graphical interpretation of the topic.


A simple grotesque typeface was used in its thickest version — Halis Grotesque Black. The block-type layout of typography on a modular grid repeats the idea used in the design of graphic elements and determines a coherent — and above all reproducible in the scale of the whole series — collection.

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