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Branding, Web

The logo has a typographic nature. It originated with an observation that a number ‘3’ and a letter ‘M’ could be combined and represented by the same single shape when given an appropriate typeface. The need to read these letters in different axes resulted in rotating the whole lettering set by 45°.


I approached business cards with logo’s uniqueness in mind. When setting up type for names and contact info in business cards, I decided to duplicate the layout of the logo lettering — diagonal, rotated by 45°.


In website design, the imagery was treated as an integral part of the visual identity system. My goal was to use a kind of images that would evoke positive, party-like, young, playful and electrifying emotions, connected somehow to music events or music industry. I have achieved this goal by transforming a specific set of images into duotone pictures using vibrant colors visible in the logo next to them. The result is a website with a very narrow but consistent color palette.

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