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National Average

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Association of Polish Architects in Szczecin




Exhibition, Infographics

The National average. How we live in Poland exhibition took place in Szczecin, Poland, during the 12th edition of festival called Westival  The Art of Architecture.


‘An exhibition about architecture, where — as says the curator — there is not a single building. The buildings are all around, therefore, instead of showing photographs or visualizations, we decided to look at the statistical data. Who is building housing and how much? How are our homes equipped? Do we live tightly or comfortably? How many meters can you buy for an average salary? How does Poland fall against the background of Europe? We hope that the collected numbers and facts will provoke discussion about how housing architecture is created, how it lives in it and how to make it live better.’


These statistics were presented using a series of infographics, the main characters of which are residents — graphic figures in various scenarios, illustrating housing processes and phenomena in 5 thematic sections. The design uses the Offside titular typeface. The characteristic shapes and details of its letters served as a building material in the design of character pictograms.


Organizer · Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich Oddział Szczecin

Curator · Grzegorz Piątek

Contents · Piotr Wójcik, Grzegorz Piątek

Graphic design · Anna Nowokuńska

Exhibition photos · Anna Nowokuńska

Opening photos · Sylwia Gudaczewska

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